• Learn why farming works, understand the psychology behind branding, and learn how to build a brand that puts you first in mind.
  • Learn how to choose a farm that makes business sense now and in the future.
  • Learn how to build a scalable business model that will stand the test of time and changing markets.
  • Learn how to connect with both those thinking of buying and selling as well as those who aren’t now with great content that will keep you top of mind.¬†
  • Build a custom strategy for your geographic area.
  • Discover ways to connect with local businesses to secure ongoing referrals.
  • Learn how to build a non-profit to build a giving culture in your farm.
  • Learn how to reach new groups of potential clients at no additional marketing cost.
  • Learn how to connect with your farm online¬†and offline.
  • Enjoy over 50 instructional videos plus bonus video content from industry leaders


The Book on Farming

The Book on Farming (Fill in the Blank Version)

Course Sections

Module 1: Introduction to Farming

Module 2: Choosing a Farm Choosing a Farm – Farm Selection Worksheet

Module 3: Branding and Positioning

Module 4: Hyperlocal Marketing

Module 5: Farm Marketing Techniques

Module 6: Prospecting in a Farm

Module 7: The Farm Route

Module 8: Creating Brand Ambassadors

Module 9: Building a Giving Culture in Your Farm

Module 10: Becoming a Local Market Expert

Module 11: Niche Farming

Module 12: Connecting Online

Additional Content