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Dominate your neighborhood.


Become an Expert Farmer

Learn why farming works and build a plan to dominate a geographic area. Learn how to choose a farm, brand yourself, and connect with your farm online and offline.

Join a Farming Community

Connect with other expert farmers, ask questions, share resources, and mastermind on the best practices for hyperlocal geographic farming.

Get Amazing Resources

Get access to tried-and-true scripts, print samples, listing presentations, and more from top farming agents.

CLME helps agents get the tools and information they need to build a business that is consistent - even when the market shifts.


Learn at Your Own Pace Wherever You Are


The CLME Certification Program is on-demand and module-based so you can learn at your own pace and revisit content as needed. You can access content from any web browser or via the convenient app available for Android or iPhone devices. 


Loaded with Valuable Content

  • Focusing Hyperlocally
  • What is Farming?
  • A Business You Can Build On
  • Why Farm?
  • Farming is Shift-Proof
  • Is There a Dominant Agent?
  • Look at the Data
  • Location, Location, Location
  • The Budget
  • The Strategic Plan
  • What is a Brand?
  • How the Consumer's Mind Works
  • Power of First in Mind
  • Create and Dominate Your Category
  • Perception of Leadership
  • Hyperlocal Matters
  • Providing Value: Outbound Marketing vs Inbound Marketing
  • The Community Newsletter
  • Walkthrough of the Klaus Team Newsletter
  • How the Make a Newsletter
  • Content is King
  • Farming Strategy
  • Consistency
  • Farm Marketing Ideas
  • Prospecting Concepts in a Farm
  • Prospecting Scripts for Use in a Farm
  • What is the Farm Route?
  • How to Connect with Value
  • What it Means to be 212°
  • Creating Brand Ambassadors
  • The Network Meeting
  • Connecting with Schools
  • Business Videos
  • How to Create a 501c3 Non Profit
  • Organizing Collections in Your Farm
  • Showing You Care
  • Communicating Your Giving with Your Farm

Learning what you need to know to be a Local Market Expert, Local Area Expert, and Local Inventory Expert. 

  • What is Niche Farming?
  • Understanding Market Segmentation
  • Capitalizing Off Existing Marketing
  • Niche Market Examples
  • Finding Your Niche Markets
  • Marketing Instant Offers in Your Farm
  • Connecting on the Web
  • Connecting on Social Media
  • Connecting on Mobile

"Scott and Kenny have been doing this for many, many years - they offer amazing insight and real-world examples of exactly how to pick a farm, what to send out, what regularity... and a lot of tips and tricks that a lot of people wouldn't think about. It was very valuable."

Ty Lusk
Real Estate Agent

"I learned a ton - I was farming before I signed up and I changed my approach and stopped doing things that were wasting money. If you're serious about farming, don't spend a dollar until you take this course. Kenny and Scott are the masters of farming."

Chris Colgan
CEO, Chris Colgan Team

"Kenny Klaus and CLME have allowed me to create a brand new division of my business that allows my money to start working for me. The listing calls are already rolling right in. Farming is my new One Thing for this changing market."

Ben Kinney
Mega Agent, Entrepreneur

"I definitely recommend it - I've taken it myself and I've learned so many things that we've implemented in our own business that has had an amazing return. "

Ricky Cain
Team Leader, The Cain Team

"Wow. I am very impressed with the CLME program. I wish it would have been around 30 years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time and money. I think any new agent would benefit from this program tremendously, and it’s a great program for experienced agents like myself as well, even if they are already farming. It removes the trial and error phase and takes you straight to the success phase!"

Bill Ryan
Infinity & Associates Real Estate

"Thank you Scott Kooiman and Kenny Klaus! Farming is the ONE Thing in our marketing plan for the coming year, as we watch the market shift yet again. It’s a strategy I wish I’d have executed 8 years ago! My business would be in such a different place had CLME been around back then. Your program is helping me avoid many costly mistakes, and shorten the research and planning process as we begin. It’s removing the trial and error, helping us move straight to an efficient and successful farm!"

Chris Myers
CEO, Orlando Property Group

"I had never done geographic farming and it was suggested to me that I speak with Kenny Klaus. I found the program to be informative and a great launching platform to set me in the right direction to work my farm."

Lori Ballen
Lori Ballen Team Las Vegas

"I wish I had this program when I started Farming. It would have saved me countless hours of unproductive work, saved me a lot of money, given me the confidence in the how I choose to do business, and helped me avoid the many mistakes I made when choosing a farm. Thank you for putting this together so we can all benefit."

Chris DeMattei
DeMattei Team, KW

Taught by the Farming Experts

Kenny Klaus and Scott Kooiman lead Klaus Team Real Estate Solutions in Mesa, AZ where their team has sold, on average, more than a home a day every single year for over ten years with farming as their top lead source. They have been teaching and coaching agents across the country for years and are featured regularly in interviews, podcasts, news stories, and more.

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